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  1. Need advice

    fritz, thank you for your comment and wishes. Anyway I keep on trading and look for other opportunities.
  2. Need advice

    Hallo. Ich spreche Deutsch schlecht, also werde ich auf Englisch schreiben. I trade futures contracts (currencies, indices, commodities) at CME. My results are as follows: 2014 +35.1%, 2015 +27.5%, 2016 +36%, 2017 +26.2%. Account is essential enough (has five zeros). There is a proved statement record at Saxobank since 2011. I think to multiply the effect with a fund or a bank. Could somebody advise how to find co-operation? I have tried to send a CV to some positions. The problem is there are not so many of them. It will be nice to hear ideas or critics. BTW I'm in Geneva. Please answer in English, otherwise there is google to translate. Sorry if I have chosen the wrong section to start my topic. Please don't delete it, just move to the appropriate section.
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