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14. Aug. 2014
Guten Tag Alles !  :)

Do you please speak English ? I ask that because my German is catastrophic and I need some advice ; I am living in Switzerland, I need some information in relation with our country and here is obviously the only forum for my case.

My name is Amel, I am living west Switzerland and I am going to trade US option. My idea is to open an account in (US company), account which would be then located in England (because I am in Europe).

My question is simple : does someone know if it would be then complicated to take some of my own money (from this account) and send it to one of my accounts in Switzerland ? I ask this because if the account is in US (by example in TD Ameritrade), I would have then to explain EACH time I take some money the purpose of that, because the "US patriot act", and I find this boring...

Does please someone know the subject and can inform me ?

Thanks all, best regards,

Amel    :)



I use IB and transfer to other accounts are no problem and very fast. Just make sure that the account is under your name - otherwise it will not work.

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Hi again,

Can you please says me if you have to explain the purpose of the transfert of money (US patriot act),

and specialy if you have to do declaration of taxes to the US tax authorities each year ?

Thanks, best regards,