Interesting share with much potential - Meyer Burger - Phoenix from the Ashes


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16. Nov. 2020
Thun, BE, Switzerland
I came across the following interesting article:önix-aus-der-asche

One of the best articles I have read about the Meyer Burger Group (Switzerland) so far. Ideal for people like me as newcomers. There were some things I didn't know, for example every time Meyer Burger developed a new generation of machines, the technology was copied in China within two or three years, so that the company lost its competitive advantage and has come under massive pressure, has initiated a change of strategy and will manufacture solar modules itself. The aim is to regain the market share lost to China.

« Solar energy is the oil of the future. It is therefore important that Europe continues to play a role here. »

"You can't leave the production of solar modules to China," emphasizes Gunter Erfurt, CEO of Meyer Burger.