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04. Feb. 2012
Hallo Zusammen Kann mir jemand der gut Englisch versteht bei diesem Text behilflich sein ? Your Net Asset Value in account 358516 has fallen below the account's Margin Alert threshold for 2 consecutive days.If the Net Asset Value of an account is below the Margin Alert threshold for 7 consecutive days (checked daily at 21:00 GMT), a Margin Closeout occurs and all open positions in the account are automatically closed. Please take action before 21:00 (9pm) GMT on March 15, 2012 in order to avoid a Margin Closeout. It should also be noted that, if at any time your Net Asset Value falls below the account's Margin Closeout threshold, a Margin Closeout occurs immediately, without notice being issued.Your Net Asset Value, Margin Alert, and Margin Closeout values can be found * on this web page: https://fxtrade.oanda.com/fms/margincall/alert/358516 * or on fxTrade's trading interface in the Account Summary panel (you can add these rows to your Account Summary panel by selecting them in Summary Preferences - the icon to the right of the Account Summary title) Our margin policies and suggestions on how to avoid margin calls are available on our website:http://fxtrade.oanda.com/help/policies/margin-rulesPlease don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.Sincerely,The fxTrade Customer Service Teamhttp://fxtrade.oanda.com/help/customer-service/Heisst das jetzt wen ich an jedem dieser 7 Tage keine vorige Margin habe das dan am 15 März ein Margin Call gemacht wird. oder reicht es aus wen ich am 15 März um 9 Uhr keine Margin mehr habe das dann alle Positionen geschlossen werden ?