Professional trader looking to meet other traders


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13. Mai 2014
Hello Guys,Sorry for the English but my german is so bad.I am a Professional independent trader located near Lausanne since late 2013. I trade commodity futures and am part of the IIP program of CME.I have been trading for a living since 2007. I would like to know if there are other pro or non pro traders in the Lemanic area and if some would like to meet to talk markets, or even just share on this forum.Best Regards,Anthony

Hello Schoops

Just a short answer to make a

I can only speak for myself, but I think the following gets okay for the community.

In the case you would apologize some imperfect English anybody will feel troubled by some imperfect German I think.

The most of us understand written English and are able to give some answer like I actually try to.

Learning from each other is important and can help in the markets like in languages. :)

I hope you found a nice place for your new home, friendly people and a good time here.

It would be very interesting to get a multiculture views at the markets - especially by a pro trader too.

On this forum it would be possible to get some bilingual communication in threads you are interested in or you have the idea to open.

Some of us could take the function for translation then.

Hello Dodo,Thanks for the welcoming words. It's when I come on forum like this one I realize I should have worked my german classes more when I was Young. I can read some but definitely can't write...I have seen there are a lot of threads about metals but not much about ags. Are there some ag traders here?

Hey schoopsWhat do you mean by ag traders? Commodities? like wheat, corn, coffee or crude oil? Do you trade them directly at the CME with futeres contracts?Welcome anyway :eek:k:

Figured Ag stands for silver :oops: :?:
Well, as he mentioned that there are a lot of threads about metals and then asked if there are also any ag traders, i don't think that he meant silver. I Think he meant ag = agriculture like wheat, corn,.... You can trade them all at the CME, even soybeans :mrgreen:
Some people might argue that gold and silver are currencies and not metals,or, heaven forbid, commodities :wand:

You can be correctly sarcastic in English. My compliment.But you must admit that it has got more quiet with these people. My written English is even worse than my English pronunciation excuse, you should hear an Austrian speaking English. Äekschn = Action

Yes, ag = agriculture. I am mainly a liquidity provider but I also trade expiry curves on a mid term horizon. Lately, I trade a lot of cattle, wheats , soy and soy products.Sorry for the late answer.