Stop Loss im Premarket IBKR


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19. Aug. 2021
Guten Tag zusammen,

ich würde gerne wissen wie ihr eure Gewinne sichert bzw. eure Verluste begrenzt im Interactive Broker während des PreMarket.

Beispielsweise kaufe ich eine Aktie XY zum Abend gegen 21 Uhr. Der Kurs sinkt am nächsten Tag sagen wir gegen 12 Uhr. Der Stop Loss löst aber im IBKR nicht aus weil PreMarket. 

Wie kann man sich da absichern?

Hoffe es ist einigermaßen verständlich erklärt.


Stop-loss orders are traditionally thought of as a way to prevent losses. However, another use of this tool is to lock in profits. In this case, sometimes stop-loss orders are referred to as a "trailing stop." Here, the stop-loss order is set at a percentage level below the current market price (not the price at which you bought it). The price of the stop-loss adjusts as the stock price fluctuates. It's important to keep in mind that if a stock goes up, you have an unrealized gain; you don't have the cash in hand until you sell. Using a trailing stop allows you to let profits run, while, at the same time, guaranteeing at least some realized capital gain

Thanks for your answer. I know how Stop Orders Work. My question is why Stop Orders dont Work in Pre-Market. Only Limit Orders are possible in Pre-Market. How can i save Profit in Pre-Market? 

Sorry for the Bad English.